Learn About The Signs & Symptoms Of Hair Loss From Dr Sachin Goel

Learn About The Signs & Symptoms Of Hair Loss From Dr Sachin Goel (1)


    Hair loss is a common problem faced by both men and women. There are several factors that contribute to hair loss in both genders. Depending on the problem, factors and a person’s particular condition, the type of hair loss can be different. 

    Our expert, Dr Sachin Goel, explains that there are different types of hair loss, and each has different signs and symptoms. Watch the video to find out about these signs and symptoms of hair loss. These include:

    Gradual Thinning On Top Of The Head 

    In this, the area that is affected by the hair loss is the top of the head. It is one of the most common parts of hair loss in both men and women.

    Circular Or Pathy Bald Spots

    In this type of hair loss, people experience either circular or patch-like bald spots. It affects only the scalp. 

    Sudden Loosening Of Hair

    In this, a person experiences overall hair thinning and not just bald spots. It can happen due to physical or emotional shock. 

    Full Body Hair Loss

    In this type of hair loss, the body loses hair all over the body. It can generally happen due to medical treatments like radiation therapy or chemotherapy to treat cancer.

    Patches Of Scales That Spread Over The Scalp

    It can be a sign of ringworm and can be accompanied by redness, swelling or more. 


    If you have any problem related to hair loss, hair thinning or baldness, consult the experts at ASG Hair Transplant Centre. Don’t let hair loss reduce your confidence; get the right treatment from experts.