Effective Result Of FUE Hair Transplant At ASG Hair Transplant

Effective Result Of FUE Hair Transplant At ASG Hair Transplant


    Hair loss is a disheartening problem that is common in both men and women. Due to various reasons such as heredity, medications, supplements, surgery in the past, medical conditions, stressful events, or trauma, individuals often experience hair loss and baldness at an early age. Hair loss at an old age does not seem to be a major problem, but when it occurs at an early age, it creates a sense of discomfort that prevents you from openly communicating with your loved ones. Hair loss and baldness can damage an individual’s self-confidence, which can also result in depression and isolation. However, with the advancements in medical science, hair can be regained, and confidence can be revived. 


    In this video, patient Ravi Verma was dealing with a baldness problem with big bald patches all over his head. After contacting ASG Hair Transplant, the patient received a perfect treatment to regrow his hair. The doctors at our facility performed a successful FUE Hair Transplant by placing 6000 grafts on his head. At ASG Hair Transplant, the patient was able to make his dream come true by getting the luscious hair he had always desired. 

    If you are dealing with a hair loss or baldness problem caused by any condition, then there is no need to worry because ASG Hair Transplant is here to find the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to book an appointment and regrow your attitude with your shiny and beautiful hair.