Hair loss in HIV patients and whether hair transplants are an option

Hair loss in HIV patients and whether hair transplants are an option


    Everyone can face hair loss due to a number of reasons. There are questions as to whether HIV can cause hair loss and what to deal with hair loss as an HIV patient. The fact about HIV is that it causes no hair loss rather hair loss will occur if you had to face whether as an HIV patient or not.

    HIV treatments like Crixivan and AZT are more blamed for hair loss in HIV patients, but the good news is that such medications are no longer used. These could bring about thinning of hair, but not hair loss.

    Can an HIV patient get a hair transplant?

    The answer is yes, but not all patients can get the procedure for the body’s immune system is weak. A hair transplant needs someone who is healthy to avoid complications like infections. Though there are some hair transplant clinics that can perform the surgery on HIV patients, not all do the same.

    Hair transplant clinics like ASG hair transplant centre doesn’t perform the procedure on HIV patients for various reasons as below

    • HIV is also spread through sharp instruments like needles, in case they are not thoroughly sterilized. It is not an act of prejudice, but it is aimed at preventing other individuals from getting infected
    • Working on an HIV patient is putting other healthy people’s lives in jeopardy since there is piercing, shedding of blood, and creation of wounds

    An HIV patient must inform the surgeon in any other hair transplant clinic for a major preparation