What are the various natural remedies to cure of the Itchy Scalp?



    Continuous itching can become the cause of the frustration. An itchy scalp will not lead to the need for the serious medical condition. This can be also be combined with visible signs of scabbed or the flaky skin. You can consult the best surgeon for the hair transplant in India.

    What are the symptoms of an Itchy Scalp?

    • Itchy skin feels you stinging and painful.

    • Scratching can provide you the itchy scalp relief. But this can be painful.

    What causes itchy scalp actually?

    Microbes behind dandruff: When the oil is created by the hair follicles, then the microbial will action takes place. This will lead to the problem of the dry and irritated skin.

    Natural remedies for itchy scalp due to dandruff

    Following are the natural remedy for dandruff:

    • You should use the 2-3 old curd and massage it properly. Then leave it for the 30 minutes.

    • Coconut oil is also the proper treatment for dandruff.

    • You can also use the lemon juice.

    Seborrheic Dermatitis: Seborrheic dermatitis is the chronic skin disease. When you see the yellow colored scaly skin along with itching in the scalp. This disease is caused due to the lack of the nutrients, emotional stress etc.

    Natural remedy for itchy scalp due to Seborrheic dermatitis

    Coconut is the best natural treatment for the Seborrheic dermatitis. Contain oil contains the fatty acids and it helps to fight against the fungus. Massage your scalp with the coconut oil in order to stimulate the pores.

    Head Lice: These are the small grey insects that are living on the scalp. Eggs of the lice are commonly known as nits. If your hairs are clean, then it doesn’t mean that it does not have the head lice.

    Natural remedy for itchy scalp due to Head Lice

    • Nit Comb: you can use the Nit comb in order to remove the lice.

    • Neem Oil: Neem oil smells help to kill the head lice. This will help to free your scalp from the itching.

    • Vinegar & Salt: vinegar has the acetic acid and salt has desiccating properties. Combinations of both are used to get free from the head lice.

    Psoriasis: Psoriasis is the chronic skin disease. This will make your scalp reddish and have the scaly patches. These will also the single patch on the entire scalp. This can also be found on the forehead, back of the neck and behind ears.

    Natural remedies for itchy scalp due to psoriasis:

    • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is the best treatment for the rashes and scaling of the skin. You can use the aloe-Vera gel on the affected area of the scalp.

    • Olive oil: olive oil has the high amount of the fatty acids and vitamin E. Extra virgin olive oil can have the great moisturizer value.

    Folliculitis: Folliculitis is the small acne spots and causes the small rings of the inflammation around the opening of the hair follicles.

    Natural remedies for itchy scalp due to Folliculitis

    • Neem: Neem oil has the anti-fungal properties that help to cure this disease.

    • Garlic: Garlic has the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties to heal this disease.