What Can We Learn from Sophie Turner- A Game of Thrones Star? Vital Hair Tips for every woman

What Can We Learn from Sophie Turner- A Game of Thrones Star? Vital Hair Tips for every woman


    Definitely, we have got something to learn from the blonde beauty and that is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize. The breakthrough of Game of Thrones has seen us witness a gradual transformation of every actor and actress, and certainly Sophie Turner, a 22-year-old lady who plays Sansa Stark is a source of admiration in the cosmetic sphere.

    Sharing her beauty and hair secrets, she and several young Hollywood celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Bella Thorne are not much dissimilar. With all their busy schedules, tiresome nights, and limited sleep, they have to come up with excellent plans that can keep their beauty flourishing. Here we go!

    Your Skin

    By the time the skin develops acne or any other irregularity, it must have endured for pretty long. The skin has its own mechanism of defending itself, but you have got to help it stay young and appealing. This is what Sansa Stark stays, eat well, try to get enough sleep as much as you can, clean your face with a quality face wash followed by a moisturizer.

    In addition, remember to use a toner to clearly remove dirt from your skin and open up pores. A toner will also help you balance the skin’s pH, reduce oil accumulation and acne attacks. Similarly, using a good moisturizer softens and protects your skin and in case you have a dry skin, a moisturizer is a way forward.

    Your Hair

    Hair is termed as a treasure in all women. However, various factors can leave your hair completely damaged. Hairstyles, colouring, stress, and strict diets can at times trigger the havoc. According to the actress, she explains that Sonya Dove products have helped her a lot. It is actually one approach to changing hair colours without being left worried. Apart from the Sonya products, drinking more water is quite essential for every woman to stay beautiful.

    • Styling Your Hair

    The actress confirms that Wella EIMI Perfect Me works wonders for her. She explains that it’s a hair balm that neatly and excellently creates a natural hairstyle and also adds a shining attribute to it. The device is reliable in preventing the heat from damaging your hair and one can certainly use it multiple times a day.

    Final Tip

    Find a stylist who understands your hair as it is essential for persevering your personal identity. In that case, you won’t worry about changing from one colour to another or styling your hair in any way.

    With that, we perfectly believe that bad hair days will become history and fabulous hairstyles with a normal volume will become a new tale.