Is Hair loss Due To Lupus Permanent? Treatment of Hair loss Due to Lupus

Is Hair loss Due To Lupus Permanent Treatment of Hair loss Due to Lupus


    Lupus is a long-term acute disease which damages any body part. The disease can last up to a year or maybe even more.

    The immune system stops working in Lupus. The immune system normally produces antibodies, which safeguard the body from attacking.

    One of the causes for your having hair loss is Lupus. In case you are suffering from Lupus and your hair have also started to shed, then Lupus must be the reason behind it.

    What Are The Indications Of Suffering From Lupus?

    The person suffering from Lupus has many symptoms, some can be mild and some critical. Let us see the main ones:

    • Pink or Red inflammation– This is in the shape of a butterfly and is mostly found around the nose and cheek area.
    • Swollen Secretory Organs
    • Always Being Tired
    • Fever
    • Unable to Breathe Deeply
    • Swollen Joints

    And last but certainly not the least

    • Hair Loss

    Scattered hair loss or diffuse hair loss is often seen in those people who are suffering from Lupus. The level of hair loss is different for individuals. Some people recover early from it, while some take a lot of time recovering. Many times the hair loss can also become permanent, because of disfiguring of the scalp.

    The hair loss which is connected with Lupus affects about 55% of people.

    Can Lupus cause hair loss?

    The hair loss may be linked to any of the causes of hair loss, found in people even without the disease.

    How to Recognize Hair loss due to Lupus?  

    It is important to recognize the hair loss which is caused due to Lupus.

    If your hair loss is connected with a flash out of telogen Effluvium then the hair will regrow on their own. In case you do not suffer from Lupus, but still, have hair loss issues, then it is better to know the cause because without identifying the cause treatment cannot be given. Many times the doctor asks the patient to get a biopsy done.


    Hair loss treatment due to Lupus is to first treat Lupus. Only then can hair loss be treated.

    After the disease is under control, then you can work on improving your hair loss. For some people some medicines may have to be discontinued, for others, new medicines might have to be started.

    Many people feel comfortable having supplements, which they can have but, under doctors guidance.

    Hence it is first important to know the main cause of hair loss, after which the treatment process of hair loss can be easily figured out.