Get More Hair In Less Time With FUE Giga hair Transplant Sessions

Get More Hair In Less Time With FUE Giga hair Transplant Sessions


    If you wish to get an FUE hair transplant done, have you given Mega or Giga hair transplant sessions a thought? They are big sessions which let you do in a short span of time. Technology, as we all are aware of is advancing each day.

    In the early days, patients need  to visit the doctor again and again, but now the patients just go once to the clinc or getting hair transplant done

    Mega and Giga sessions

    The difference between the two is not much. Some time back, around 1000 hairs were necessary for the number of grafts in a single session. But now, with changing times, surgeons can perform up to 5,000 grafts in one long session.

    Mega sessions can do as many as 1,500 graft transplants in a single session. While the Giga session allows you to get up to 5000 grafts. You can speak with your doctor about which one to get done. Norwood  is a new method of knowing about the level of hair loss.

    Let us get to know more about the Norwood scale.

    The world of internet has changed many things. It has changed ways of finding doctors or other things. While keeping in touch with doctors over Skype, phone calls and emails are very easy. we keep communicating over Skype, whats app, or through calls to our doctor, but the doctor cannot come to know about the level of severeness of hair loss.

    The normal hair transplants do not need many grafts. But for advanced stages of balding, the number of single session grafts is not enough.  An easy option for guessing the number of grafts of hair transplant is that you might need to use a hair transplant calculator


    • Firstly, the more grafts transplanted, the more hair you will have filling in the bald spots on your scalp.
    • Many times, you will be able to save a little money by choosing Giga or Mega sessions.
    • You can do much more with Mega and Giga sessions, with the many grafts which can be performed in one session.
    • The number of sessions required is much lesser.

    The surgeon might have to check your medical history, before conducting the transplant.