Frequently Asked questions about Botox treatment

Frequently Asked questions about botox treatment


    People who are in their 30’s age group ( and older ) find many signs of aging and wrinkles on their face. But, Botox treatment can prevent wrinkles from occurring. This treatment is very popular in cosmetics surgery and gives outstanding results. Botox treatment is getting popular among older people also. Botox is an injectable protein which is obtained from a bacterium. It is given in small quantities and can be used for curing neurological disorders and also for cosmetic disorders.

    How long is the session of Botox treatment?

    The session consists of many injections to be administered into the facial muscles. It does not take any time and the session is completed in just 1 hour, in which consultation time is also included.

    What problem areas is it able to cure?

    The treatment has been accepted by two main uses. It aids in improving the frown line look on the face. Frown line is visible between eyebrows.  Another thing which can be done is to inject it into the place which is around the eyes to boost the look of moderate to severe lines which are known as crow’s feet.

    What is the recovery time which is needed after the process?

    There is no recovery time after the process. Many people book their appointments in lunch breaks or in between other tasks. This is because the appointment time can be minimized. Most often it is one hour time which is given for receiving Botox injections.

    When will I be able to see results?

    Results vary from people to people. Some people can see results in a short span of time while others see it in about 2 weeks time. The change in appearance is not seen immediately. If you have not told anyone at your home about getting it, then they will also not come to know of the same.

    Till when will the results last?

    The results can last up to five months time. Although it will be different in every individual. Doctors mostly recommended a treatment to be taken after 4 months time gap. In case you have any questions regarding the Botox treatment then you can speak to your doctor about the same.