How To Know Your Suitability For Hair Transplant?

How to know your suitability for hair transplant


People can start losing their hair from as early as their 20`s and the hair loss can start from different places on the head.

When making the right decision about getting a hair transplant, many points come in to play for example what causes this hair loss? How severe is the hair loss? Different factors are taken in to account to decide if you are a suitable candidate for the transplant.

If you are considering of getting a hair transplant to take a look at different factors that determine if you are suitable or not.

  1. Your age will be considered when applying for a hair transplant

Hair can start to loose from as early as the ’20s. but it always does not mean that you will go bald or you need a transplant immediately…

At young age pattern and extent of, hair loss is not clear and with this, in mind, it is not recommended to transplant early.

  1. You are experiencing stress related loss

You may lose your hair for a number of different reasons. And it is also believed that all hair loss is permanent. Telogen effluvium can cause hair loss, with an increased number of hair follicles the rest stage, and this is caused most notably by stress. The body shuts down the production of hair during stress.

  1. You have extensive hair loss

During an FUE hair transplant, the treatment works by taking donor hair from the head which still has hair, and microsurgical needles to puncture the scalp area which receives hair grafts.

Individual hair follicles are then inserted into these punctures, at an angle to match the original hair growth.

  1. Your hair is thinning

You might believe that you are losing your hair, when in fact the hair is just thinning. If your hair is thinning but still dense then there may not be enough space to insert the donor’s hair and the transplant will fail. You don’t even need a hair transplant if your hair is just thinning . this can be cured by using products that are made to make the hair strong and thick

If you still feel that you want to be treated, please remember there are hair loss treatments that might be suitable for you. If you would like more information on hair loss, feel free to contact us we can the provide you more information.