Early Signs to Notice for Baldness Detection

Early Signs to Notice for Baldness detection


    Similarly as other problems hair thinning and hair fall is a problem which is not caused overnight. This process is slow and it takes time to reach the final stage which is balding. There are different signs which you don’t notice at an early stage which increase the problem in the future. Some early signs of baldness to prevent the problem.

    • Thinning on top of the head

    One of the most common signs is gradual thinning and it affects men as well as women. As men age, they will notice receding hairline which is in the shape of M letter. In women, the hairline is not affected but their hair will have a broadening part.

    • Excessive hair fall while brushing or showering

    Some people notice excessive hair loss while they are taking a shower. As compared to normal more hair can be seen which is one of the early sign of this problem. In the same way, while brushing more hair are falling out. On average, every person loses 50 to 100 strands of hair which is very normal. So, if you are experiencing hair fall in excess then you should consult the doctor as early as possible.

    • Smaller ponytail

    As you comb your hair and tie them in a ponytail it is very thin. Basically, the circumference of the ponytail is getting less gradually. So, it is one of the sign which means you might be facing the problem of hair fall in excessive amount.

    • More Scalp show-through

    If you do up-dos or tie your hair in a bun then more scalp is visible as compared to normal. It is one of the early sign of female pattern baldness.

    • Hair looks brittle and unhealthy

    Even after washing the hair properly the hair look extremely brittle and lifeless. The hair does not any shine and they start losing all their texture. You should visit the doctor to get the treatment of hair transplant as it one of the best ways for hair regrowth.

    • Problem while styling the hair

    To style, the thin hair is very difficult. You might have to try different styling techniques to achieve a desired and best look. It will take you longer to style the hair in the best possible way.

    • Circular or Bald Spots

    In some cases, people notice bald spots which are of the size of a coin. This type of problem is usually on the scalp and the skin becomes itchy as well as painful. You will eventually notice hair falling out. Chances are very rare that this problem occurs in beards and eyebrows.