Will FUE hair transplant procedure going to leave permanent scars?

Does FUE procedure leave scars


    Undergoing hair transplant treatment is the best solution to deal with hair loss permanently. One of the common concerns which come to the patient’s mind is whether FUE hair transplant procedure going to leave a permanent scar. Well, there is no such issue when you choose the best hair transplant surgeon. They make sure that every possible step is taken so that scarring is minimal. Read the article to understand it in a better manner.

    Will the FUE procedure leave scars?

    When you undergo the treatment of Hair Transplant in Punjab then there is no need to worry about such a thing. One of the biggest benefits of the FUE procedure is that the risk of scarring is reduced.

    Getting the surgery performed by a reputable surgeon will leave a series of tiny dots and they are so small (less than 1mm) that they are not noticeable with the naked eye.

    Procedure of FUE

    • The FUE grafts are transplanted very carefully and in a diffuse pattern which reduces the risk of scarring. The grafts are taken from the donor area because the risk of balding is very minimal in the future. In case, from the donor area too many hair grafts are taken or the extraction pattern is not irregular or diffused, then the risk of scarring is very high.
    • Keep in mind that when the procedure is performed by the experts it will be done in the best manner. The surgeon will understand the pattern of hair loss so that in future the problem does not arise again and there will be no risk of scarring.
    • The hair grafts are transplanted on the scalp and they will grow naturally throughout your life.
    • In this procedure, the donor area is shaved and the follicular grafts are extracted by using the punch of 0.8mm to 1mm. When everything is done carefully there will no issue of scarring.


    Keep this thing in mind to avoid the issue of a prominent scar

    • Make sure that the wound heals properly so that grafts do not drop or detach.
    • At first, there will be crust and it takes a few days to dry & get dark until it comes off on its own. Along with scab and the implanted hair comes off which is normal as it is part of the healing process.
    • This happens for around 7 to 15 days until the wound has healed completely. The surgeon recommendations must be followed so that no problem arises.
    • Following the surgery, the transplanted area should neither be touched or rubbed as it can make the transplanted grafts fall out.
    • In case, after 12 days there is crust then rub it gently with fingertips. While washing hair do it in a circular motion so that the crust gets detached.