Is it true that balding can lead to psychological and emotional problems?

The Psychological Effects of Balding


    It is essential to understand that the emotional distress with hair fall is legitimate and this is essential to address it at the right time. Fortunately, the individual can undergo the treatment of Hair Transplant in Punjab to counter the issue of hair loss. In this article, we are going to mention in detail the devastating effect of balding on person psychology:

    Losing Confidence as it affects a person’s appearance

    Hair loss affects the way a person looks because the hairline loss can result in an aged appearance. Additionally, it changes the way people see themselves and they continue to lose their confidence.

    • Women face difficulty dealing with hair loss. One of the studies has shown that women suffer emotionally and mentally and this is likely to develop a negative body image due to hair loss. In comparison to men, women feel less confident about themselves.

    On the other hand, 75 percent of men feel less confident about themselves with hair loss, whereas 60 percent of men say that they have been dealt with the issue of baldness at some point in their lives.

    • With the male pattern baldness, their confidence is also affected especially when it occurs in the 30s. In terms of relationship and dating, hair fall can leave a specific effect on how the person feels about themselves and the way others might think about them. The younger people can get impacted because of hair loss. At this age, the person thinks that it will end their youth and others think that they are less attractive as well as their partner does not consider them attractive. In such cases, their self-esteem gets low and they are not able to give their best.

    Effect of hair loss on our work

    Hair is considered such an important part of the personality and this can affect the performance at the workplace. The person who works in front of the camera can have a negative impact. Studies have shown that the person also faces issues getting the job or the employer also finds it difficult to hire the bald person. One of the studies has shown that 63 percent of people face career-related problems due to hair loss.

    Hair loss and Depression

    Hair loss problems can also trigger the issue of depression. Psychiatric Studies have shown that people think that people who lose their hair think that they lose control over their lives. This increases anxiety and depression.

    Get the treatment

    Keep in mind, that hair loss is reversible and the patient can get the advanced treatment to deal with the hair loss. The hair transplantation treatment can help the person to deal with it permanently and the desired hair growth is also natural. Get in touch with our doctor to restore your