Discuss The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Beard To Scalp Fue Hair Transplant

Beard to Scalp FUE Hair Transplant


    In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of undergoing the beard to scalp FUE hair transplant:

    Benefits of Beard to Scalp FUE hair transplant

    To get the best results of the hair transplant in Punjab, it is essential to find the supply and demand mismatch of the grafts. Some of the topmost benefits are mentioned below:

    • Scalp supply and demand mismatch

    Any patient with a mismatch who has an average or better than average beard can get benefit from the procedure. By getting the hair follicles from the beard can help the patient to get the desired results.

    • Preservation of the donor’s hair

    The beard hair can be used as donor hair which means the donor hair can be preserved. In traditional form, the donor area is the safe zone from where the hair grafts are extracted. This is better for the other critical areas like temporal points, eyebrows, and frontal hairline.

    • Get rid of the facial hair

    Many men and women are not happy about the facial hair and they find ways to get them removed. The men who grow a beard and want to remove the hair from the neck or chin area can use it for the hair transplant. With this option, the hair loss problem is solved and they also get to spend less time on shaving.

    • Thicker hair shaft

    Beard hair is thicker as compared to the scalp hair which means it can create volume in transplanted areas. The thickness difference can be seen clearly with the patients who have fine scalp hair in the beard. This means it is a great option for the patients who want to restore the bald areas or patches on the scalp.

    Limitations of Beard to Scalp FUE hair transplant

    Although, the treatment is successful and it gives the desired results. But, in some cases, this option might not suit the patients which include:

    • The patient with sparse beard hair does not have sufficient beard and it cannot be used as the donor source.
    • If the hair follicles have less number of hair grafts then it will result in less coverage.
    • The coarse thickness of beard hair is beneficial for patients who need more bulk. But, they are not the best in areas like eyebrows, frontal hairline, and temporal points.
    • The beard hair spends less time in the growth phase and stays in the resting phase for a long time which can be a problem if the bald patches are huge.