What are the different reasons for hair loss and what is the best treatment?

What are the different reasons for hair loss and what is the best treatment



    Hair loss triggers due to different reasons. In some cases, targeted therapy can help and for some patients, the issue is resolved with time. The most severe cases can be treated by undergoing the treatment of hair transplant in Punjab.

    Reasons For Hair Loss:

    Not taking proper care of the hair

    Hair loss is caused by wrong or excessive hair care. In that case, the hair will not fall out right away. But, if you wash the hair too frequently it can leach them. Additionally, when you use hair dye regularly it will damage your hair significantly.

    With time, the hair will become weak and they will fail prematurely. In some cases, the person can have the desired hair growth back with time once they avoid the bad hair care regime. If you are not sure about what treatment plan you need to get them to consult the hair care expert and he can guide on what treatment you need as well as what product supports your hair growth.


    Eating disorders also result in hair loss

    Eating disorders can trigger at any age. If your body does not get the right amount of nutrients then it will damage the hair and hair roots. In the beginning, the hair is often flabby and they are no longer resilient.

    In case, the eating disorders continue, then hair loss will become gradual and it increases with time. Depending on the nutrient deficiency you have and how much, will make the hair roots die. Due to this, the affected areas of the scalp will become bald. In that case, you need to get hair transplant treatment to get a permanent solution for hair loss and cover bald spots.



    Unfortunately, chemotherapy is the major reason for hair loss. Since this is the direct result of the therapy, baldness treatment is not possible. Till the time hair starts growing back again, you can wear hair wigs or special head scarves for covering the bald spots.

    Once the chemo session is over, the hair starts growing back again. After that, you can get the hair transplant treatment for desired and permanent hair growth you want.


    Autoimmune disease

    When hair loss occurs, the baldness issue plays a major role. If the hair falls quickly and suddenly, it means the issue of autoimmune disease. This means the body starts attacking the healthy cells instead of protecting them. This results in circular hair loss which is extremely visible.

    Before the issue becomes severe, you need to consult the doctor and he can check the exact reason for hair loss. Apart from these stress and genetics also result in hair loss and damage the hair badly. If you are going through this phase, then consult the doctor for the best treatment plan to counter hair loss on time.