What are the most common myths and facts about hair transplant treatment?

What are the topmost and common Myths and facts related to hair loss


    Hair Transplant in Punjab is in increasing demand which helps the individuals to recover their natural-looking hair.  Additionally, there are many misconceptions regarding the procedure and how it needs to be performed. In this article, we are going to share with you some of the interesting myths and facts regarding hair transplant treatment.

     Myth: Hair Transplant is not for everyone

    Fact: Anyone can undergo hair transplant treatment. Whether it is men or women, both of them can undergo the treatment. Ideally, you need to consult the doctor and he will give you a proper understanding of the treatment.

    Myth: More grafts increases success chances

    Fact: When it comes to getting the hair transplant, the procedure needs to be tailored for a specific reason. Contrary to common belief, more grafts do not mean the surgery is going to be successful. The doctor is going to tailor the treatment according to your situation and let you know how many grafts are needed to cover the thin areas or bald spots.

     Myth: No medicine is needed after surgery

    Fact: You need to consume medicine following the treatment. The surgery in itself is enough to encourage the regrowth of hair. You can stop the consumption of supplements after the surgery. The patient is needed to take the medications after the surgery.

     Myth: Body hair transplant does not give successful results

    Fact: Body hair transplant indeed has different hair growth cycles as compared to scalp hair. For the scalp hair transplant, the results are permanent which increases the success rate.

    Myth: The treatment shows you have undergone surgery

    Fact: Hair transplant surgeries are extremely discreet. The results are shown appropriately with the surgery. However, there is no issue because the grafts which are placed are taken from the scalp and they are transplanted with precision. Nobody will be able to tell you that you have undergone the surgery.

     Myth: Procedure is painful

    Fact: People believe that procedure is painful but this is not the case. The discomfort which is experienced by the patients during and after the hair transplant is minimal. This means you don’t have to worry about having the pain.

     Myth: Hair transplant is only for older people

    Fact: It is believed that hair transplant is for older people. However, individuals over the age of 18 can undergo treatment. The ideal choice which the doctor suggests for the treatment is to get the treatment after the age of 25 because by that time the hair loss pattern becomes evident.

     Myth: Hair transplant is an expensive method

    Fact: Hair transplant is a one-time procedure which means its cost can be managed easily. You need to undergo the treatment for once and its results are visible for a lifetime. The final results are effortless and it is an extremely safe method for hair loss problems.