How long do the results of hair transplant treatment last for men & women?

How long do the results of hair transplant treatment last for men & women



    One of the questions which patients have regarding hair transplant is ‘How long does hair transplant last for?’ People who want to seek the best treatment for hair loss will be glad to know the results are long-lasting. There are many cases and different studies that have shown this through its results.

    What happens during a hair transplant?

    During the surgery, hair follicles are removed from the donor site either individually or with a strip of skin. The donor site has healthy and strong hair. It means, once the hair grafts are transplanted back to the affected area it will grow properly.

    Undergoing the surgery, it is going to offer you full hair growth with increased hair density.

    Do the results of hair transplant last for a lifetime?

    Fortunately, not only it is the best solution but the results are permanent. The hair grafts transplanted on the bald area will be accepted by the scalp and they easily blend into your hair. Within 3 months the hair follicles will grow around a few inches and they behave in the same way as your other hair. The transplanted hair will remain strong and healthy. Just make sure you take proper care and the results will be permanent.

    During the consultation, our surgeon will determine the reason for hair loss so you can get the best treatment plan.

    What Is Shock Loss?

    Following the surgery, you will experience hair loss which is called ‘Shock loss’. This happens because the scalp goes through the trauma of surgery. It is a normal part of the entire hair growth process and it is temporary. The hair will return to its normal growth pattern once the cycle resets and it will start again.

    Within a few months, you will be able to see hair growth. Following the surgery, you need to visit the surgeon for a check-up. After-care is an extremely crucial part of the successful results. If you have any problems or doubts, then make sure to consult the doctor and he will provide you with the best solution.

    What if hair fall starts again?

    Hair shedding can occur following a hair transplant and your surgeon will keep a close check on the hair growth process. In case, the hair begins to shed or you may be prone to shedding post-procedure, then the surgeon may be able to suggest to you the medications or supplements which increase the hair growth.

    Consult the best hair surgeon

    The most important part is to start the process right. It means you need to find a hair transplant surgeon who is experienced and skilled in giving the best treatment plan. The surgeon makes sure you are well aware of the aftercare and necessary instructions which you need to follow to get the desired results.