What all you need to know about Medical Tourism For Hair Transplant Surgery?

What all you need to know about Medical Tourism For Hair Transplant Surgery


    Medical Tourism For Hair Transplant Surgery in India: Are you stressing so much by thinking of excessive hair loss? But do you think stressing so much about it will return your hair or by looking into the mirror? You will also not get all your answers on the internet because every person is having different reasons for losing hair. You go to the places thinking about what people will say after seeing your baldness. Hair transplantation is the everlasting solution to your hair loss problem.

    Both men and women can face the problem due to the following reasons such as:

    • Stressing all the time

    • The side effect of any medicines

    • Diseases such as cancer

    • Excess use of heat on hairs

    • Using multiple products on hair

    • Imbalance diet

    To know the cause why you are losing this much hair by visiting the medical tourism in India. They make people aware by telling the reason for hair loss. With the advancement in science, they have come up with the solution to your problem. You can see the regrowth of hair by undergoing hair transplantation treatment in India. With the surgical i.e Follicular unit transplantation which is also known as strip, surgery is a surgical procedure where stitches will take place and at the end of the surgery, the surgeon will do bandage or non-surgical i.e Follicular unit extraction is a type of hair transplantation where the surgeon will take each hair graft out of your skin and insert in the area where it is required. With the help of a micro punch tool, they will take out each graft. hair transplantation, laser hair treatment hair. ASG launched the new hair transplantation techniques such as:

    • FUE
    • FUT
    • Trichophytic FUT
    • BIO- hair implants
    • Body hair transplantation
    • Laser-assisted Neo graft technique
    • Eyebrow implantation
    • ADHI-FUE
    • ADHI-FUT
    • Suction assisted hair transplantation
    • Hairline designing
    • PRP injections
    • Scalp micro pigmentation

    Cost of the hair transplantation treatment

    The cost of the hair transplantation depends upon the experience of the doctor and which treatment you are choosing for yourself. While visiting your surgeon don’t forget to check the reviews on the internet. You can ask your surgeon about any recommendation through which some of the doubts will be cleared regarding the surgery, the surgeon, what happens after the surgery etc.

    Benefits of Hair Transplant

    • You will gain your confidence back which you have lost with the loss of hair.
    • The change will come into your personality.
    • Low maintenance is there.
    • It is cost-effective.