How are the parameters considered by the best hair transplant clinic to calculate the cost?

Parameters Consider Hair transplant cost in India


    Hair transplant cost in India

    Hair transplant cost in India: So, you have decided to undergo the treatment of a hair transplant. But, now the confusion is regarding the cost. People think that the treatment is highly expensive or they need to be rich to get this surgical procedure. If you are facing a hair loss problem then you can choose this treatment without worrying about the cost.

    Hair loss problems have become serious, and it affects both men and women. The patients need to start taking care of their hair from the start, and they won’t go completely bald.

    Fortunately, the treatment cost is highly affordable in India, which means anyone can undergo the treatment. The cost of the treatment depends on how many hair grafts are required during the treatment. On average, the cost of one graft in India is around Rs15 to Rs 120. The cost differs according to the area and the doctor’s expertise.

    What parameters are followed by the best hair transplant clinic?

    • Surgeon experience

    The most important aspect of calculating the cost is the surgeon’s experience. His expertise is going to make a lot of difference in the final results, and most importantly the treatment will be a success. Make sure that you choose the experienced surgeon. If you try to undergo cheap surgery, then the results are not the way you want.

    • Clinic infrastructure

    Another parameter is considering the clinic infrastructure. The clinic must be well-equipped with all the latest tools and equipment. You should visit the clinic or check their website to have a better understanding of what type of hair transplant clinic infrastructure they have.

    • Instruments quality

    You need to consider the instrument’s quality. The hair restoration treatment needs to be performed with precision, and for that, the clinic should have the right kind of tools and lights. The way grafts are punched into the scalp is important, and the skilled doctor will do them with utmost precision. The experienced doctor will have the lights so that they can see the placement of the grafts.

    These factors are considered when the treatment cost is planned. Just look for an experienced surgeon, and you will be able to get the best treatment.

    • Total number of grafts

    Another important factor to plan the cost is the number of grafts required during the treatment. If the baldness is at the top stage then grafts requirement is more as compared to the person who has just started facing the hair loss issue, or they have few bald patches. When you consult the experienced surgeon he will be able to tell you about all this in detail. They help you to make an informed decision and give you the treatment that solves the hair loss issue once and for all.


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