Do you think getting a hair transplant done before the marriage is a great idea?

hair transplant done before the marriage


    If you will not be having hair on your head then you might end up looking older than the real age. Though it is not a bad thing some girls prefer men with good hair instead of having a bald patch or thinning. If you are worried about your marriage then do not worry hair transplant is the solution for your problem. In this article, we are going to discuss whether getting a hair transplant before marriage is a good choice or not.

    Result of hair transplant

    After undergoing the hair transplant surgery you won’t be able to get the hair within a month or two. It takes 12 months to show the best results no matter which procedure you are choosing for yourself. You won’t be able to get the hair treatment done a month before your marriage.

    After hair transplant surgery, you will start seeing results after 3 months of the surgery. Then 40 % in 4 months, 50% in 5 months, 60% in 6 months, 70% in 7 months and so on. By the end of 12 months, you will see the proper result. The hairdresser or barber won’t be able to figure out whether you are having natural hair or undergone surgical procedure.

    Boost up confidence

    Some people feel very conscious about their looks so they end up speaking less with the people. They start to overthink about what other people say about their looks. After undergoing the hair surgery the confidence of the people will boast up automatically and they will start going to meet people, attending parties and whatnot.

    Research about clinic

    The person should do proper research about the clinic. Remember the experience of the surgeon will be one of the factors to get the best result. You should also check the ratings, reviews of the clinic. You can also ask the surgeon about his previous patients.

    You can contact them personally and can ask about the experience of the staff, surgeon. If you want the maximum result of a hair transplant then you should follow the instructions given by the surgeon religiously. If you will not do research properly then you might get shocked or unsatisfied results in the end.

    FUT and FUE

    Follicular unit transplant is the surgical method in which the surgeon will take the strip from the back of the hair and transplant it into the problematic area. FUE i.e. follicular unit extraction is the minimally invasive surgery where the surgeon will harvest the individual hair and transplant it into the area where the person is facing balding or thinning.