What are the major reasons which lead to excessive hair loss in men and women?

What are the major reasons which lead to excessive hair loss in men and women


    No one likes to lose their hair, whether it is male or female, but this is true some people need to deal with it.

    Fortunately, this problem can be addressed by undergoing hair transplant treatment. The hair transplantation surgery is known for giving the best and natural-looking regrowth of hair. In this blog, we are going to discuss the major reasons which lead to excessive hair loss.


    It is the old saying that stress leads to excessive hair loss and one of the prominent reasons for this issue. If you are under excessive pressure for a long time such as going through a divorce, moving house, or changing job, then the effect of stress will make your hair thin,

    Physical stress is different and it leads to hair loss because of the condition known as telogen effluvium. This condition can lead to issues in the hair cycle process, and the hair strands will enter the hair loss phase. So, managing the stress can help the hair growth to get back to normal.

     Excessive Vitamin A intake

    Vitamin intake is necessary but if you start taking it in excess then it might create issues. Vitamin supplements are important but they need to be taken in the right amount otherwise it can cause more harm than providing you benefit. Additionally, this issue can be corrected on time once you reduce the intake of Vitamin A, and hair loss is reversed.

    Less consumption of protein

    Protein deficiency can lead to hair loss. If your diet does not have enough protein then all the necessary functions of the body will phase issue and most importantly there is hair loss. With the protein drop in the body, the essential supply to the hair falls. Some of the important sources of protein that can help with hair loss include fish, eggs, and meat.

    A significant drop in weight

    A significant drop in weight can make your hair-thin. If you lose weight within a short time it can cause shock to the system, and it can result in temporary hair loss. You should not lose excess weight because it can lead to other issues. Within 6 months, you will find the hair loss.


    Around the age of 20 to 49, around 1 in 10 women suffer from iron deficiency which is linked to anemia. It is the condition which makes you feel tired, and you do not have enough energy to do the work. These conditions can be diagnosed with a blood test. Once the issue is confirmed the doctor will prescribe you the tablets that can resolve the condition of hair loss.