Why should not BP-distressed hair-loss patients take up hair transplant?

Why should not BP-distressed hair-loss patients take up hair transplant


    As we all know that there is an eligibility criteria for hair transplant patients. One of the most important things that doctors do not neglect at any cost is diagnosing whether the patient does have BP, heart or diabetes problems or not. Because the nature of the procedure sometimes is not conducive to the health conditions. For this reason, hair transplant in Punjab is only carried out, if the patient’s health reports are completely normal and there is no associativity of the risk with the normal health conditions. So below are the points that emphasises why the patients should not be taking up the hair restoration procedure if they have health problems.

    • Aesthetics is not important as health

    If we think about the logical aspect of this point, then we may come up with a question: What will be the advantage of enhanced aesthetics if health does not allow you to flaunt your beauty? So if you have to choose between the enhanced aesthetics and the health risk, then we know that you are wise enough to choose the best option for you.

    • What if I can keep my BP under control?

    Does this cause a difference? As we all know that there are so many pills and tablets that help BP patients to normalise their BP but are there any pills that could change human behaviour? No, probably not. Because humans are accustomed to getting excited when something good is on the cards. The patient must think about the hairstyle which he will opt up after the hair restoration procedure. So when you feel one step nearer to your goal, then you are sure to get excited and your BP in turn will rise beyond normal.

    • Decreased success rate

    If you have researched hair restoration, then you must be knowing about the variegated precautionary measures that are to be followed before and after the procedure. All of them are suggested with the concern that the flow of blood is not obstructed and does not suffer from any abnormal situation. So with this, we have understood how important is the flow of blood for the success of the procedure. So how can we neglect such a big factor that has everything to do with the blood pressure. No doubt, in some of the very exceptional cases, the hair restoration surgery carried on the BP patients by the expert doctors does not prove to be dangerous.

    • Post-operation conditions do not allow

    The hair restoration procedure is performed by keeping the patient in the effect of either local and general anaesthesia according to his or her condition. After the procedure, the patient’s body is given time to relax for almost 6 to 8 hours. And for BP patients, it is not convenient because BP can experience fluctuations in that time.


    The adept doctors of the ASG Hair transplant clinic, never carry out any procedure with a money-minded attitude. In the initial consultation, they make the patient understand whether the procedure is suitable for them or not. Because for us health is the priority and it matters to us more than any cosmetic and aesthetic-enhancing procedure