Cost of Hair Transplantation: Dominating factors and Average Cost

Factors that dominate hair transplant cost


    One of the key factors which we consider before making a firm decision whether we should opt for the hair transplant in Punjab is its cost.

    Valid and Relevant enough! No?

    The hair transplant cost does not get dominated by a single factor. There are a lot of factors that are considered like:

    • The duration since the patient has been suffering from hair loss
    • The predominant reason of the patient for suffering from the hair loss
    • The bald area (Dimensions both in Length and Breadth)
    • The total number of hair grafts required
    • The type of the procedure patient wants to undergo (FUE, FUT and Bio FUE)
    • The aesthetic results which the patients want to achieve

    Can you estimate the cost on your own?

    No, You Cannot. You cannot estimate costs on your own. Only a professional and trained doctor can figure out the total number of grafts required to cover your baldness. It is the number of grafts to be transplanted that determines the total cost of the procedure.

    Which Hair Transplantation Clinic will help you out with the best hair restoration treatment?

    If you are searching for a reputed clinic for undergoing hair transplantation, then you shouldn’t give a second thought to choosing ASG Hair Transplant Clinic. At this clinic, you will not only get cost-effective packages but sure-shot results as well.

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    What if I do not have the time to visit in person to find out the cost?

    We thoroughly value your time and agree that there are sometimes when we are unable at some places owing to some situations. In that case, you can send the pictures of your bald area and the credentials of your hair loss condition on Whatsapp. From there we’ll get an idea about how many grafts will be required for the transplantation.

    If the need arises, the doctor will call you to the clinic so that comprehensive information regarding your bald area can be had.

    Which things should I also include in the cost?

    Since it is not only the hair transplantation package for whose cost you have to pay. Apart from that, you also need to include:

    • The cost of travelling ( If you have chosen a clinic that is far off from your place)
    • The total cost of accommodation (If you are staying in the region where the clinic is located)
    • Food Charges
    • Medicines (Before and After the procedure)
    • The hair care kit will be given after the procedure.

    Final Comments!

    Since the modifications keep on happening in the procedure and thus the cost is also sure to be affected. To stay updated with the costs and the modifications and modernization brought out in the procedure, please stay tuned with our blogs and articles.

    If any of our readers do have some questions left unanswered about the cost, they can either call us or write us through an email.