Is PRP Therapy Effective For Treating Hair Loss? Which Other Benefits Does It Offer?

Hair Loss And PRP Therapy


    Who does not know about the popularity of Hair transplants in Punjab? It is the most result-oriented and cost-effective procedure. Hair transplant cost in India is far less than what is charged in the foreign countries.

    But today we want to give your knowledge a boost by making you acquainted with the PRP procedure. In this procedure, the blood is first of all drawn. Then it is processed. Once the processing is done, then it is injected into the scalp.

    PRP Therapy Process

    This 3-step process requires three sessions each at the interval of about 4 to 6 weeks apart. If talking about the maintenance treatments, then you need to get it after every 6 months.

    Step 1

    At first, your blood is supposed to be drawn from your arm which is put into the centrifuge.

    Step 2

    After 10 minutes of being in the centrifuge, your blood needs to be separated into three layers as follow:

    • PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma
    • PPR – Platelet Poor Plasma
    • RBC – Red Blood Cells

    Step 3

    The syringe will draw up PRP. These are then supposed to get injected into the scalp which seeks increased hair growth.

    Which side effects will you experience if you don’t take up the PRP treatment from a reputable doctor?

    No matter whether you have chosen the ideal doctor for carrying out the PRP or not, you will never find yourself at the risk of getting some communicable disease since the PRP is obtained from your blood.

    But if the therapy is performed by non-trained doctors, then the following consequences can be encountered:

    • Injury to the blood vessels
    • Infection
    • The injection points can get calcification
    • Scar tissue

    There have been so many cases reported in which the non trained doctors have caused the patients to suffer from the negative reaction of administering the anaesthesia.

    Risk Factors

    There are very strict eligibility criteria for choosing the patients who will be undergoing PRP therapy.

    There are some kinds of medications whose consumption should be stopped or the ones who used to take it are considered unsuitable for the procedures owing to some medical reasons.

    Do not hide any of these things from your doctor:

    • If you are consuming any kind of the blood thinner
    • If you are a heavy smoker
    • If you used to consume alcohol or take drugs and you became addicted to them.

    Also, in case you are diagnosed positive for any of these conditions, then you will be rejected for the procedure:

    • Sepsis
    • Acute Or Chronic Infections
    • Cancer
    • Low Platelet Count
    • Thyroid Disease
    • Hemodynamic Instability
    • Chronic Liver Disease
    • Systemic Disorder
    • Hypofibrinogenemia
    • Metabolic Disorder
    • Chronic Skin Disease
    • Platelet Dysfunction Syndromes

    Final Comments!

    If the readers want to know about any hair restoration procedure in detail based on the individualised condition, then it is suggested to visit us at our clinic. With face-to-face interaction, it will be easy for us to assess the intensity and the cause of the hair loss.

    So book your consultation with us at the earliest so that your self-esteem can get a boost.