Is it normal to have dandruff after hair transplant treatment?

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    All those patients who are planning to get a hair transplant in the future or have just got it, need to know what will happen after the surgery. Being informed is important as it helps you prepare for the surgery & you will be at great ease throughout the procedure. In this blog, I am going to discuss dandruff that occurs after undergoing Hair Transplant in Punjab & whether this situation is common.

    Dandruff formation after hair transplant surgery

    Dandruff following the hair transplant is common & normal. During the transplant, the hair grafts are collected from part of the scalp which creates micro-wounds. So after the surgery, these wounds will take time to heal & it’s imperative to remove the dead skin. This entire process is the reason dandruff occurs. So, as the healing process is going on, having dandruff is common & it’s an essential sign to notice.

    Did you know?

    Hair Transplant Cost is not fixed in every case. This is the reason the best hair restoration surgeon always focuses on giving the customized treatment plan for seeing the best of results.

    Dandruff is normal after a hair transplant

    During the transplant, mini incisions are made on the scalp which includes the process of graft collection & graft placement. While the skin is being healed during a hair transplant, the dead skin remains are noticed in the form of flakes & gradually it is going to fall. All in all, it shows that your scalp is healing after the surgery. Additionally, if you see this condition then it does not mean that hair health is getting down in any sense.

    Following surgery, there will be temporary hair loss which means shock shedding. It’s normal to experience after a hair transplant. It occurs for some time & after that, the problem will be addressed. After the hair transplant surgery, it takes around 2 to 3 months for the hair growth to occur again.

    What are the ways to deal with dandruff after a hair transplant?

    Dandruff after a hair transplant is not like normal dandruff. Make sure that the options of anti-dandruff lotions & shampoos are not used in this period. If you do so then there are higher chances there will be a damaged scalp. Here are a few things which you should do after getting a hair transplant to better managing the situation:

    • Following a hair transplant, the first days play an important part. You indeed need to be extra cautious otherwise there will be problems afterward.
    • Make sure to only use the lotion which is used for addressing the dandruff issue.
    • If there is any specific lotion given by the surgeon then it’s better to use the same.
    • To see the positive effect on the lotion given by the surgeon it needs to be applied at least for 45 minutes. When you have to wash it make sure warm water is used & keep the hose pressure less.

    Always use the shampoo given by the hair restoration surgeon

    To boost the effectiveness of the results and ensure healing goes correctly you have to use the shampoo given by the surgeon. Make sure to apply the same in the desired amount & no need to put extra pressure on the scalp. Additionally, you should always wash your hair the way the surgeon has recommended you to do so.

    Necessary precautions to take after undergoing hair transplant

    • Protect the scalp from any sort of impact
    • Avoid direct sunlight
    • No need to put extra pressure on the body
    • Use neck pillows as you go down the healing journey

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