Which are the best options available for addressing hair loss problems?

everything about the diagnosis of Hair Loss


    Hair loss is one of the common concerns faced in men and women. Be it genetic, lifestyle, health issues, or any other factor that can make this condition trigger. There are around 95% of cases that have the alopecia condition. Here are some of the factors which result in hair loss:

    • Certain medications or drugs are used for depression, heart issues, gout, radiation, or chemo sessions. In case the Vitamin A level is high or iron is way too low then the intake of birth control pills can help.
    • It’s possible the thyroid issue, flu, infection, or fungus infection is likely to result in hair loss.

    There is one thing which needs immediate attention & i.e. Hair Transplant in Punjab is one of the ultimate choices in saving the hair locks once and for all. Most importantly it will give natural-looking hair growth & permanent results are noticed which is the best choice in all ways.

    Which are the treatment options for hair loss?

    The most preferred treatment options are minoxidil, & Propecia and these are FDA-approved medications that are considered ideal for addressing male pattern baldness. Depending on your hair loss condition you will be told about the right way to use them in your daily routine. The one thing with this option is that if the medications are

    discontinued then it won’t give the effective results you are looking for. Here are some of the best-known treatment options for addressing hair loss:

    • PRP

    PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma which works on the approach of injecting a patient’s blood & then putting it in the centrifuge. This allows the plasma & platelets to get separated. Once the plasma is injected it will stay in the desired place for around 2 years & result in hair growth.

    • Hair transplant

    Hair transplant is one of the cost-effective options in the hair restoration industry. During treatment, the hair grafts are extracted from one part of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is less. As mentioned above these treatment results are something that makes individuals invest in the Hair Transplant Cost without thinking about anything. All because of medical advancement, the procedure is safe & effective.

    Did you know?

    For increasing the effectiveness of the results, in some cases, PRP & hair transplant treatment is combined. You can talk about the same with your hair restoration surgeon to better check if this option is available to address your hair loss or not.

    Who is the ideal candidate for a hair transplant?

    • Men diagnosed with male pattern baldness
    • Those women who have hair loss as the female-pattern
    • Those experiencing hair loss & that too very recent
    • Scalp injuries or burns resulted in hair loss

    Get a customized solution to address hair loss

    All those hair loss sufferers need to make the decision on time and most importantly an informed decision will help the situation to be under control. Has your hair loss started to get worse with time? This is where you need doctor expertise for managing hair health at all costs & that too in the best way. The ASG Hair Transplant Centre team of hair restoration surgeons will guide you towards customized hair restoration treatment. Schedule your initial consultation to get detailed information.