Doctor tips on, ‘How to prevent swelling after hair transplant surgery?’

Tips to reduce swelling after hair transplant


    Your friend recently got hair transplant surgery, and when asked about the experience, you got scared about the swelling part. Here one significant concern is that every patient’s surgical journey is different from one another. Considering the same, there is no need to think or compare that the same will happen to you. It’s possible that your friend did not do everything as told by the surgeon, or he did something careless that his swelling got worse with time.

    If you are going to get your Hair Transplant in Punjab in the coming few days, this blog will help you understand the ways to prevent swelling after the surgery. The given tips mentioned here are suggested by our hair restoration surgeon so that your journey to see the desired results are fulfilled with utmost ease.

    Before I proceed further with the tips, let me tell you about the hair transplant cost as on an average it’s around Rs 40,000. The total amount for the treatment will only be known to you once you consult the medical expert.

    Important tips to prevent swelling following hair transplant

    • Sleep on the recliner, if possible

    Following the surgery, you should sleep on a recliner. Doing so will help increase safety as the necessary elevation helps the grafts be safe as you fall asleep. The given approach is essential to follow for the first seven days as the swelling will get down by this period. The recliner is going to be of great help in preventing the swelling.

    • Do not miss out the medications

    After the hair transplant surgery, you must take all the necessary medications as told by the doctor. Taking the medications on time will help the swelling to go down, and the recovery phase will go with a highly smooth approach.

    • Drink enough amount of water during recovery

    Drink lots of water during the recovery phase. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential as it helps your hair grafts be healthy. As we all know, water intake is beneficial for the skin, and especially during recovery, following a simple regime can do a lot of wonders to your scalp skin.

    • Pineapple can help with swelling

    Many people are not aware of how pineapple can help in reducing swelling. If you find it difficult to cut or slice pineapple, then better get the pineapple jar in which it is already peeled and cut into slices. Pineapple is great to have after hair transplant surgery as it is filled with all the essential anti-inflammatory properties, which works great during the recovery phase. So, have it during the morning or as a mid-afternoon snack.

    • Apply ice

    Apply ice but not directly on the transplanted hair grafts. Swelling is going to be noticed on the 3rd or 4th day. To deal with the same, you should use ice to reduce it. While applying ice, you have to be careful as it should only be done on the forehead. If you don’t have ice, then use a bag of frozen peas as it also gives the same effect.