4 Things You Should Know About FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Some Facts About FUE Hair Transplant


    Are you noticing severe hair loss? Or is your hairline receding day by day?

    Well, it can be a matter of concern, but do not worry, there is a good solution for that.

    People often find it difficult to accept that they are, in fact, losing hair. Remember, the key is acceptance; the earlier you will accept it, the easier it will be for you to get the treatment from the Best Hair Transplant Doctor In Punjab.

    Which Technique Will Be The Best?

    One of the best techniques that are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times is undoubtedly FUE Hair Transplant In Punjab. So if you are thinking of getting your hair loss treatment, ask your doctor about the FUE technique and whether it suits your hair type.

    Trill then let us delve into it in more detail and unravel some new facts about FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant.

    Facts You Should Know About FUE Technique

    • A popular and most sought procedure

    In recent times, FUE has gained a lot of popularity. People are choosing this method as it is known for giving one of the finest results of all time. You would not be getting that precise and natural-looking result anywhere else, that is for sure.

    Apart from that, the FUE technique for hair transplant is also very minimally invasive if we compare it with other counterparts. More and more surgeons are selecting this technique to conduct hair transplant surgery as it increases the patient’s satisfaction because of a higher success rate. 

    • It takes a long time to conduct the whole procedure.

    One thing you should know about the FUE method is that it takes a long time to complete the whole process. In order to get a natural-looking result, it is vital for the surgeon to perform a precise procedure that would do magic for the entire appearance.

    To top it off, the donor area where the surgeon extracts the hair follicles have little to no visible signs that reveal the surgery. This meticulous extraction of hair follicles is perfect as it allows the surgeon to place each follicular hair unit into the recipient area. This helps the hair mimic the natural growth of the hair follicles, leaving excellent results which will blow the patient’s mind. 

    • It leaves behind no scar.

    Another outstanding benefit of FUE is that it does not leave any kind of scar post-surgery. As we have already established that it is minimally invasive, and the tiny incisions are microscopic in size. The only issue that stays after the procedure is the tiny scabs in the affected area which will take at least 7 to 10 days to heal and recover. And also, with time, the donor area gets unnoticeable with no visible signs of FUE procedure.

    • It gives minimal pain.

    With FUE, you would not inflict too much pain. It is somewhat similar to any minor surgery. However, patients might experience mild discomfort and inflammation post the surgery. Simple pain relief would help in such a situation.