Is PRP Therapy A Perfect Solution For Hair Restoration Surgery?

Hair Loss And PRP Therapy


    PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) Therapy will be the perfect solution if you are concerned about premature hair loss and its appearance. With the help of PRP therapy, you can stimulate new hair growth while also enhancing the thickness of the hair with just a minimally invasive process. It basically addresses the root cause of hair loss and gives long-term results that continue to get better over a period of time.

    Based on your hair loss issues, the doctor or surgeon would suggest the proper treatment, including FUE Hair Transplant In Punjab. 

    The Reason Behind Losing Hair

    Let us now move toward hair loss and its reasons to know what can trigger them.

    There are many causes for thinning and loss of hair. And to top it off, hair loss can impact your scalp or entire body.

    We have noticed that the main reasons for hair loss are hereditary and aging. But some other factors can affect the growth of your hair, including:

    1. Changes in hormones
    2. Consuming certain medications
    3. Suffering from certain medical conditions.

    While you will get various options to hide your hair loss and enhance your looks, such as wigs or accessories. If you are interested in getting a permanent solution, you should opt for PRP Therapy In Punjab for long-lasting and natural results. 

    How Does PRP Therapy Promote Hair Growth

    Platelet-Rich-Plasma is naturally present in your blood, and it contains at least 17 different types of growth factors. Those factors help stimulate the growth of healthier and newer cells and then replace it with the damaged and old cells.

    When the surgeon uses it for treating hair loss, then PRP therapy helps in generating inactive hair cells. They also re-energize them to trigger new hair growth. Our doctor uses a customized treatment plan to inject the PRP into a particular area of the scalp to achieve the desired results. 

    How Does The Doctor Extract And Inject The PRP?

    The doctor uses the PRP for your hair restoration treatment that they extract from your blood. The doctor will draw the blood in a special tube with an ingredient that will activate these growth factors. Then they use a centrifuge to separate the useful platelet from the blood to use it for hair restoration.

    With the help of a Zimmer chiller, the doctor uses the blow cold air on the scalp to give some comfort after injecting the PRP with the highly concentrated growth factors in the affected area of your scalp.

     Benefits Of Combining Treatments

    You can also enjoy additional treatments along with PRP therapy if your doctor allows you to. You can use the valuable points of topical or oral medications in order to increase the growth of hair and its thickness. There are also some cases wherein you can improve the results with the help of a laser hair restoration system. But make sure that your doctor allows you to use such a procedure.

    In this laser hair restoration system, the doctor uses laser light to generate the hair follicle’s stem cells.