What Do The Statistics Have To Say About Hair Loss Pattern?

What do the statistics have to say about hair loss pattern?


    Here is the list of a few hair loss stats everyone should know about:

    Hair is one of the things which we all are conscious of, because of that hair loss for many can be devasting, which in turn can lead to stress, loss of confidence and anxiety. Hair loss has many myths, partial truths, and also a few spellbinding statistics.

    Listed below are some of the few hair loss, statistics.

    • Around 80- 90% of men’s main criteria is hair loss

    Hair loss is truly a major thing to distress about. It can easily damage anyone’s self-esteem. According to reports, around 90% of male pattern baldness is their major topic of worry. This is one of the main reasons for people resorting to hair transplantation, to curb their baldness.

    • Around 50% of men believe in folk tales regarding genetics, in baldness

    Science has proven that hair loss can be inherited from the parent’s side, still many men stay under the impression that the hair loss problem is only on one side of the family.

    • Around 50% of women also have hair fall issue.

    All those of you, who think that hair fall can only occur to men, well! Get a life, women also suffer from this condition. Many women I know of have thin hair/hair thinning problems.

    • Around 5 men out of 10 don’t know if they are facing any issue.

    There are many techniques like FUT and FUE which make it all the more difficult to know a hair transplant. The statistic occurred in 2009 when three-fifths of a total number of people were not able to identify hair transplant.

    • Around 50% of a person’s hairs vanish before the condition gets noticed.

    Choosing to go in for a hair loss treatment is always the best thing to be done because around 50% hair is gone by the time the result becomes visible. Even if you think you have very nice hair, the matter of the fact remains that you might be very well suffering from hair loss issues.

    With hair transplant cost, being pocket-friendly, hair transplants everywhere have become quite common.