Is Your Poor Diet To Blame For Your Hair Loss?



    Every time someone asks you about your hair loss, you always tell them that pollution is the only reason why you are facing this hair health problem.

    Well, you are right, as pollution leads to hair health problems, but there are other reasons as well to hair loss, and one of the major issues from them is no proper diet. In most of the cases linked with hair transplant in Ludhiana at ASG Hair Transplant, we have noticed that people were not taking a proper diet for years, which led to hair loss and other such serious issues.

     In this post, we are going to discuss a lot of factors on the basis of which you can decide if your poor diet is the reason behind your hair loss or anything else.

     Diet & Hair Loss 

    You must have heard that our hair contains a lot of vitamins and proteins on the basis of which we are able to examine its overall health. But nowadays, people are drastically making changes in their diet, and that leads to a lack of categories and nutrients for proper hair health.

     Secondly, people are using a lot of hair-related products, and one of the worst things they are using is heating products such as dryers. Due to a dryer, your hair loses all the nutrients.

     Let us have a look at other factors that talk about the link of your diet with hair loss:

           Make sure that you are taking enough protein for your body on a daily basis because the hair is made up of proteins, and if you are unable to provide enough protein to your body, then you will notice slow hair growth.        

           Once you notice slow hair growth, after that, you will notice hair loss issues. Although you can use biotin for the deficiency of biotin that leads to hair growth, you would still have to make diet changes as well.

           There are a number of nutrients, such as iron, zinc, and more, with the help of which you notice better hair growth and overall health. In case you have food items that are not able to offer you the right amount of iron, zinc, and more such necessary nutrients, then you should get in touch with the best dietitian in Punjab who can help you with a proper diet and medicine to solve the issues.

    If you don’t take proper care of your hair health, then you will have to go for hair restoration. To learn all about Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab, you can get in touch with ASG Hair Transplant.


    Our diet plays a crucial role in our hair health, and we hope with the help of this blog, you must have got a good enough idea about how our diet affects hair health. Looking for hair specialists? ASG Hair Transplant is here to help you out.