Fill Up Your Platter With Healthy Food Sources For Healthy Hair



    Hair loss is very common among all men and women. It is caused by a number of reasons along with hormonal issues. Sometimes intake of too many medicines or drugs can also cause hair loss, or pregnancy can also be one of the reasons.

    In case you lose hair due to medical or health related problems, then best thing to get done is go and visit doctor, who might suggest hair loss treatment, in case it can be treated without your checking up with doctor, then you can make a few lifestyle changes and get it cured on your own.

    There are various ways of treating hair loss, in both men and women. They all depend upon the causes of hair loss, which differ from person to person. Mostly it is seen that lacking adequate amounts of nutrients in food cause hair loss:

    Here Are Mentioned Some Essential Nutrients For Helping In Hair Growth:


    Hair is made by many elements of protein. Hence having a proper amount of protein is very essential for its growth.

    Lack of protein is the main factor for a reduction in growth of hair and eventually in hair loss.

    Crux : Having sufficient amount of protein is vital for hair remaining healthy.


    Iron aids RBC’s or red blood cells in carrying oxygen to cells in body. It is essential for all body functions, hair growth being the most important of them.

    Anemia, which is caused due to the improper intake of iron, is a major cause of hair loss. Foods rich in sources of iron are Eggs, Spinach, lentils.

    Crux: Deficiency of iron is a main cause of hair loss, more so in women than men. You get good amount of protein by having Lentils, Eggs, Red meat, Spinach.


    Zinc is vital for growth of hair tissue and also in repair. It is also helpful in keeping oil glands around follicles in working properly. Hair loss is one of the main symptoms of deficiency of zinc.

    You should eat whole foods to get maximum effort from Zinc. Start having Oysters, pumpkin seeds, lentils, Wheat germ along with spinach.

    Crux: Zinc can drastically help reduce hair loss and help boost the hair growth. One can start with having Spinach, Pumpkin seeds, beef, among other things.