Top Causes of Hair Loss

Top Causes of Hair Loss

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Main Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is common problem in both males and females. But men are more likely to face baldness issues than woman due to male pattern baldness. Though, It is very demoralizing in both males and females. Hair loss not only degrades the looks of a person but also lowers the overall self-esteem of a person.

Common causes of hair loss or hair thinning are as follows:

  • Vitamin deficiency is the main cause as it will make the hair brittle and more prone to thinning and ultimately falling.
  • Physical stress is also one of the main cause. It may happen in one way like some traumatic surgery or treatment or may happen due to any accident which is very severe.
  • Pregnancy related hair loss is also very prominent amongst women. It happens after delivery of child. Women tend to lose more and more hair due to hormonal changes.
  • Sometimes overeating of some particular types of vitamins also leads to hair fall issues for e.g. Excess of Vitamin-A intake can accelerate the rate of hair fall.
  • Lack of proteins in diet pattern is also the major cause of hair fall. Hair began to fall due to nutritional lack in hair strands.

Hair loss in men:

  • The most common cause of hair fall ion men is due to male sex hormones and sometimes male genes too.
  • According to baldness pattern in men, hair usually forms a triangle in the front line of the forehead. Further these stages become more and more severe. Thus, we can say that with passage of time coin shaped to more than half head gets bald.
  • Another common issue is hereditary issue.
  • Hair loss in Women:
  • Female pattern hair loss in women is something related very much to hereditary factors. Women tend to lose hair from a certain age. Depending upon the family history i.e. hair fall problem may persist in one blood relation like mother, sister or granny.

Several other common causes of hair loss include:

  • 1. Emotional Stress: it happens in the case of some tragedy, any mishappening, some unbearable loss due to death of any loved one.
  • 2. Anemia can affect both men and women in a great way.
  • 3. Thyroid can also lead to hair fall problem. Though it is more common in women but men are equal victims. Thyroid gland, which is located at neck is responsible for major activities regarding growth and development of body and any hindrance in its release leads too a lot of hair fall problems.
  • 4. Some auto-immune disease like Lupus can also lead to a lot of hair problems like alopecia aerata. But the exception with disease or we can say that the most bad part of this disease is that the hair loss due to this disease is non-treatable i.e. hair will never come back.
  • Note: it is possible to treat the hair loss both in men and women in different ways depending upon the problem one is facing. The most common rescue in case of treatable hair loss is mionoxidil (Rogaine).

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