Diabetes and Hair Loss – Treatment Options Available

Diabetes And Hair Loss - Treatment options Available


    Hair loss and diabetes are one of the most common issues but the connection between them is rarely discussed.

    How Hairs Are Affected Due To The Problem Of Diabetes?

    Hair loss is one of the most common problems. However, the patients who are suffering from diabetes have a different perspective about the hair loss. In some cases, when the problem becomes excess the doctor will recommend the hair transplant.

    The patients with diabetes problem are able to produce insulin properly or do not use it effectively. It is basically a hormone in your body that removes the sugar from the food you consume and then pass it to your cells to use them as energy for the body. It causes hormonal balance which will result in the problem of blood circulation. The blood flow is very important for the hair follicles otherwise they will get damage which will result in thinning of hairs. Lesser supply of oxygen to the hairs is caused due to the decrease in blood flow.

    You should take the problem seriously and consult the doctor. The patients have to start the hair loss treatment to control the problem as early as possible. In some cases when the problem cannot be treated with the medication then hair transplant surgery is needed.

    Different Treatment Options Available

    • Biotin: Biotin is a vitamin which is naturally found in different food items such as almonds, eggs, onions, peanuts, oats, and sweet potato. People who are suffering from diabetes have a very low level of biotin in their body. Taking biotin supplements by mouth will slow down the hair loss. The recommended amount in a day for adults is 30 micrograms but you should first consult the doctor how much quantity will be appropriate.
    • Minoxidil: It is a very popular way of treating the problem of hair loss. the medicine is applied directly on the scalp where the problem of hair loss is in excess. Both men and women can use this treatment. You should apply only the amount which is mentioned on the product to get the benefits and to avoid any type of side effects.
    • Immunosuppressive Drugs: This injection will slow down the hair fall by decreasing the autoimmune attacks. But it will be only helpful if the hair loss is related to the immune system which is attacking the body’s own cells.
    • Lifestyle: The patient has to make necessary changes in the lifestyle. They should avoid food that contains sugar or fat as they will increase the sugar level and automatically the problem of hair loss will be triggered.