Factors That Consider The Cost of Hair Transplant in Punjab

Factors That Consider The Cost of Hair Transplant in Punjab


    ASG Hair Transplant Centre Punjab: If you are facing hair loss, then you might have to undergo a Hair Transplant. If you reside in Punjab, then you can avail Hair Transplant in Punjab as it is available at various clinics.

    Factors on which the cost of hair transplant depends

    The number of hair grafts required to be transplanted: The cost of hair transplant is influenced by the number of hair strands required to be transplanted. The greater the number of hair strands required, the greater the price of the procedure. To reduce the cost, many surgeons allow ‘volume discounts’ so that people requiring a high number of grafts can undergo the hair transplant at an economical rate.

    The surgical technique used: There are various techniques which are offered for Hair Transplant. The price also varies according to the procedure required. The various techniques which are offered are scalp expansion, mini grafts, FUE, FUT, and flaps. These procedures have different prices. The more advanced techniques are priced higher than the older ones.

    The geographical location of the surgeon: The surgeons living in different parts of the world will ask for different prices as the cost of living is different in different parts of the world. So, be prepared to shell out a different amount for the same procedure at different places in the world. You can use this feature to your advantage by opting for areas where the cost of living isn’t high. Of course, India is a much-favored destination for many tourists from all over the world.

    The Surgeon’s Expertise level: The experience and expertise level of the hair transplant surgeon is also a major factor that affects the price of the procedure. If you make a comparison between the prices of surgeons at foreign locations and the price of top hair transplant surgeons in India, you will find that the transplant surgeons of India charge lesser amounts and offer quality service.

    How to find an expert and affordable surgeon

    You can also find reviews, visit their websites and get a quote from them sitting at home through the internet. You can also schedule a session with the surgeon to put your doubts at rest and get the feel of the surgeon’s expertise level, the infrastructure of the clinic and the behavior of the staff. The 2 factors mentioned along with the surgeon’s expertise count a lot for the surgical procedure. Your safety and wellbeing will depend on the infrastructure of the clinic. The staff will take care of you before and after the surgery. This will help in taking the final decision and sticking to the best choice.