What is the working of hair transplant and which celebrities have opted for this treatment?

Working of hair transplant treatment


    People dealing with the problem of hair loss might be wondering which treatment plan can give them the best solution. Various options are available in the market but not all of them can provide the desired results.

    What is a Hair transplant?

    During the hair transplant treatment, the hair is taken from patients scalp and transplanted where the hair growth is very less or have bald patches. More people are opting for this option because the results are satisfactory and the procedure is safe. There is no use of chemical or medication during the surgery which means there will be no issue. This is why our doctor always suggests the option of Hair Transplant In Punjab to patients dealing with hair loss in excess.

    Requirement of Grafts

    During the consolation, the doctor will let you know the reason for hair fall. At this point, they will also let you know how many grafts are required to cover the scalp so that you can see the regrowth of hair. Our surgeon will also let you know which method you should get to see the effective results.

    Methods of hair transplant

    There are 2 methods in which transplantation can be done FUE and FUT. Before the surgery, the patient is given anesthesia so that they do not feel discomfort and pain.

    In FUE, the hair will be extracted one by one from the back of the scalp. After that, they will be transplanted one by one on the problematic area. After the surgery, it does not leave any scar on the scalp.

    In FUT, a strip of hair will be taken from the scalp back which is then transplanted where the hair growth is very less or patient have bald patches. After the surgery, it does leave a linear scar on the scalp which is noticeable.

    Keep in mind, no matter which option you choose or doctor suggests the results will be permanent. The problem will be solved and the hair will grow which will match your existing hairline.

    How much time does it take to heal?

    No doubt, choosing the best surgeon is very essential. Follow the doctor’s guideline and take the necessary medications on time. In most cases, the hair starts growing at 3rd month of the transplant. The proper hair growth is seen after 6 months and to see the full hair it takes around one year.

    Celebrities have undergone the hair transplant

    Many celebrities have taken advantage of this treatment. It includes Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Kapil Sharma, Akshay Khanna, and Vivek Oberoi. The reason for their youthful and changed look is hair transplant procedure.