4 major reasons to use beard hair as a donor option for hair transplant



    Why does beard hair make an excellent choice for hair transplant?

    Bear hair for hair transplant? That is possible as it makes a great choice as the donor option. When a patient chooses to get the Hair Transplant in Punjab, for some reason, they are told by the doctor they are not a suitable candidate. Undoubtedly, the hair transplant is a hope for many patients that their lost confidence and self-esteem due to hair loss will get back by getting a hair transplant. Indeed! It’s the hopelessness that they can’t do anything to save their hair locks. However, as technology is advancing and getting better with time, it is possible that anyone can choose to get the hair transplant treatment. Let’s understand, ‘Why is beard hair a great donor option for hair transplant?’

    Reasons to choose beard hair as a donor option for hair transplant

    Reason 1: Healthy Donor Supply

    Beard is a great source to provide around 3000 to 5000 hair grafts for the FUE Hair Transplant In Punjab. During Follicular Unit Extraction, sharp punches are made, and shallow insertions of around 2mm deep take out the hair follicles. Although, beard harvesting is slightly tricky as compared to hair harvesting. WHY?

    The beard hair has a different angle, so finding the right one is essential to ensure it is transplanted effectively. To ensure everything is done with ease and the right way choosing an experienced hair restoration surgeon is critical.

    Reason 2: Offers the tremendous amount of density

    The beard hair has two times more cuticles than any other hair present on the scalp. Additionally, the average diameter of the beard hair is more as compared to any other hair group.

    Reason 3: Easy to Administer Anesthesia

    As mentioned above, beard harvesting is not that difficult to do. The anesthesia application done for the beard hair allows most of the neck to eradicate the effect of anesthesia. Moreover, the anesthesia block will act slighter faster than anything to make it right.

    Reason 4: Helps in faster recovery

    At times, many patients undergo several hair transplants because they make wrong choices that are not worth it. Even in that case, the beard hair transplant can significantly help the patients. The recovery is much faster in such issues as the neck area heals very nicely and quickly.

    Were you thinking about which source is excellent to extract hair grafts instead of the scalp?

    Well, now you know. The beard hair makes a great option if your scalp hair grafts are not enough to transplant to the problematic area to address the situation.