Hair loss: What is a Normal Amount of Hair Loss in Women?

Normal Amount of Hair Loss in Women


    Everybody wants a shiny, long, smooth, and healthy hair, but it is not as simple as everyone thinks. Everyone experiences various scalp and hair problems due to some factors. But this hair loss is a common condition, which can cause due to many reasons such as overstyling, fluctuations in hormones, hereditary issues, and medical conditions which include cancer treatment known as chemotherapy.

    Moreover, No doubt, thousands of people try so many hair growth solutions but they are unable to get rid of hair fall. In this situation, you need to go through hair transplant in Jalandhar because Jalandhar is the hub of medical procedures. And you do not need to pay extra if you are going to get this treatment in Jalandhar.

    What is a normal hair loss in women?

    Well, the normal amount of hair loss in women varies from 100 to 200 strands each day. This amount of hair fall is normal because you will surely notice new hair growth. But, not as much as you had previously. There are several causes of hair fall in women due to which sometimes they experience more hair fall. In this situation, they need to go through hair loss treatments such as medicines and surgical procedure.

    How to examine whether your hair fall in ladies is normal or not?

    In order to get information about your hair loss amount, you must visit a specialist, so that he can examine you and tell you about hair loss amount. And if you experience more hair loss in a day such as more than 100 or 200 strands, then it means you are at the risk of a serious condition. And you will talk to a specialist as soon as possible so that you can reduce the risk of excessive hair loss or baldness.

    Hair fall solutions for women

    There are several hair loss treatments which you need to follow such as-:

    • Hair loss medications include Minoxidil, Biotin tablets and shampoos, and finasteride.
    • You must consume a healthy and balanced diet full of nutrients.
    • Reduce stress
    • Practice more physical activities which are necessary to balance hormone levels.
    • Avoid using excessive hair styling products because these will lead your hair breakage and thinning.
    • Hair transplant is the last option when you are unable to get of hair loss with the help of these hair loss solutions. This surgical treatment has two types such as FUT and FUE, both these methods are useful to get proper hair growth. And also, offer you natural looking and permanent hair growth.