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Woman Hair Loss

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    Statistically, a majority of men are victims of hair loss. Women, on the other hand, make a lower percentage of hair loss patients, but the threat is increasingly witnessed in them these days. Hair loss was known to occur in men and women from the age of 55 and above, but the trend is alarming today. Women suffer hair loss as early as 17 due to a number of reasons.

    What is Women Hair Loss?

    Hair is a source of beauty in women, and when it starts falling out drastically it becomes a tug of war. Female pattern baldness is a little bit complicated to detect and to deal with since it occurs in a different way from that of men. Women hair loss (alopecia) is divided into many types as will be explained, but a woman ought to seek consultation before dealing with hair loss

    Types of Hair Loss in Women today

    1. Androgenetic Alopecia

    This is the commonest type of hair loss in women where hair will start by thinning and with time, hair loss will occur from the temple region and then spread

    1. Alopecia Areata

    This particular type of hair loss is categorized into alopecia totalis, Alopecia monolocularis, and alopecia Universalis. Normally known as an autoimmune disorder, it is where the hair falls out creating patches and when not immediately treated it leaves no hair on the full body

    1. Traction Alopecia

    This type of hair loss occurs gradually and it is caused by the persistent pulling of the hair

    1. Scarring Alopecia/Cicatricial

    It is a critical condition where the hair follicles get destroyed; hence tampering with the way hair grows.

    Causes of Hair loss in Women

    1. Genetics

    Hair loss caused by genetic makeup often starts at an early stage OR in a later stage. When quickly detected, the level of hair loss can be reduced or prevent it from imposing huge effects on a woman

    1. Hormonal imbalances

    The increase in Oestrogen during pregnancy, contraceptives periods, menopause, and after delivery may cause hair loss in women

    1. Treatments

    Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are the leading causes of hair loss in women.

    1. Medical Problems

    Scalp infections, thyroid gland issues, lichen planus, and Lupus cause hair loss in women.

    1. Others

    Prolonged stress, depression, use of harsh hair products, and over styling the hair can increase hair loss in women

    Treatments for hair loss in women


    Effective hair loss treatment begins with a proper diagnostic procedure with a specialist. In this, he will;

    • Examine the scalp and the hair
    • Blood tests
    • Medical and family history
    • Biopsy

    Treatments include

    • Nonsurgical treatments

    Finasteride and Minoxidil have shown favorable results, though one needs to take it as the doctor may suggest for the best results

    • Therapies

    These include;

    PRP Therapy, Mesotherapy, and Laser Therapy are also favorable treatments for women with hair loss.

    • Surgeries

    Hair transplant in India is taken to be the permanent hair loss treatment in both men and women. FUE and FUT are techniques used to extract hair from the donor area and then implanting it into the affected area.

    • Other solutions

    Wigs and hair sprays can also be solutions

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