What is diffuse thinning? Which is the best treatment option for it?

Diffuese thinning


    Hair problem: Diffuse thinning

    Hair loss occurs in different forms. It means, at times, it can be difficult for the person to understand why the problem occurred and what is the reason behind the same. One of the common forms of hair loss is diffuse hair thinning, in which hair loss can occur on the entire scalp. It’s like the see-through difference is noticed through this situation. If anybody has this condition, it’s likely to occur due to several reasons, like androgenetic alopecia, known as male pattern baldness.

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    Diffuse hair thinning

    Diffuse hair thinning is also known as diffuse hair loss, in which hair falls out from the scalp. With these conditions, the hair will have a low-density appearance. Additionally, the individual will notice a receding hairline, and even bald spots occur on the crown. No doubt, it’s one of those conditions when hair loss occurs, then the entire quality of life is affected by all means.

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    Which are the most common signs of diffuse hair thinning?

    As hair loss is of different types, one of them includes diffuse hair thinning, or the hair fall will worsen over months. Some of the noticeable signs of diffuse hair thinning are:

    • Reduced hair density

    • The scalp is easily visible

    • Excessive hair shedding

    What are the causes of diffuse hair thinning?

    There are several causes of diffuse hair thinning. One of the common types in which hair is shed under this approach is telogen effluvium. Under this condition, more hair will enter through the resting phase when it’s not supposed to do that. Telogen effluvium often causes psychological stress, and such conditions are likely to occur due to different factors. Some of the trigger factors are:

    • Illnesses that cause fever

    • Infections, major surgery, or other injuries

    • Sudden changes in hormone levels

    • Severe or ongoing stress, or a traumatic event

    • Thyroid conditions, such as hypothyroidism

    • Crash diets that significantly reduce food intake

    • Nutritional deficiencies, such as low protein intake or iron deficiency

    • Medications, such as beta-blockers, retinoids, anticoagulants, and others

    Treatment for diffuse hair thinning

    It’s possible that the surgeon will suggest a treatment plan that focuses upon addressing the underlying condition. So, that problem won’t occur again. Although, if the problem is way too severe or the hair loss is getting worse with time, then the doctor will customize the hair transplant treatment for your condition.

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    Schedule your initial consultation with our hair restoration surgeon to better understand how to deal with this situation. At ASG Hair Transplant Centre you are all informed about what kind of hair restoration treatment is best suited for you.