Which are the two most effective and economical hair restoration treatments?

2 Most Modern Methods Of Hair Restoration+


    Hair loss treatment in Punjab

    Finding an effective treatment option takes effort and time.

    Such efforts are made by individuals struggling with hair loss. Finding the most effective hair restoration treatment option can seem challenging. But not anymore. The hair restoration treatment industry has evolved a lot with time, and it just keeps on getting better. The two most effective hair restoration treatment options are:

    • FUE Hair Transplant In Punjab
    • PRP therapy

    Have you heard any about these treatment options? The given blog has mentioned the treatment option to help hair growth and transform your hair lock’s health.

    Hair restoration treatment in Punjab

    • PRP therapy

    PRP Therapy in Jalandhar is gaining demand among the individuals who are not comfortable getting surgical treatment. During PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), blood is extracted from the patient’s arm. The blood is centrifuged at a fast pace to extract blood platelets that help in hair growth. Later blood is put back into the syringe and then to the scalp.

    Although to see the effectiveness of this hair loss treatment option, you need to get at least 3 to 5 sessions. Depending on your present hair loss state, you get the necessary treatment plan that you wish to get. After six months, PRP therapy results in hair growth or might take more time.

    • FUE Hair Transplant

    FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is one of the most effective hair restoration treatments. The treatment results are natural and permanent, making it effective and having higher demand.

    The doctor performs hair extraction and transplantation under set protocols during the FUE procedure. The procedure includes extraction one by one from the healthy part of the scalp (back) and then transplanted where hair growth is less. The hair grafts are kept under safe solution in-between extraction and transplantation to  reduce infection rate. The experienced hair restoration surgeon keeps the graft out time from the body minimal.

    After the hair transplant, the initial growth at around 3rd month (hair is a few inches long). From there onwards, the hair growth keeps on getting better. By the 8th or 12th month, results are visible. However, in the given period, you have to take the best care of yourself like:

    • Follow the doctor’s instructions
    • Do not touch the area with transplanted hair grafts
    • Wash your hair after surgery as per the doctor’s instructions
    • Do not wear clothes that you need to wear from the head for a few weeks
    • Take the best care of transplanted hair grafts for 14 days as the given phase is delicate and requires utmost care.
    • Take the prescribed medications on time
    • Before a haircut or hair color, get the doctor’s confirmation.