Hair Loss Effects

Hair Loss Effects

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Effects of Hair Loss on an Individual

Hair loss can happen due to many reasons as specified in causes of hair loss. The main possible reasons of hair fall are genetics problems, thyroid problems, cancer treatment etc.

Though there are many types of effects of hair loss. We will discuss all one by one.

Psychological effects of hair loss:-

Hair loss leads to low self-esteem in many indioduals and if it goes grave then can also cause depression.

Cultural effects of hair loss:-

  • 1 Every youth is associated with shiny, bouncy hair. For some good hair is synonym of good health. For many people hair is what makes them look good and that means a lot for such people.
  • 2 Our society considers hair an important aspect of once looks as hair are always adorned by many.

Emotional effects of hair loss:

The emotional effects of baldness are very devastating for a person. Though hair loss is very stressful for both men and women but overall emotional impact of hair loss is more devastating on the emotional well being of a woman.

  • 1. The fear of looking older than actual age: there is constant impact on the mind of the sufferer that he or she will look older that he / she actually is. Some take hair loss as loss of youth and thus they consider and feel themselves as aged.
  • 2. Person have no option to opt for any hair style: as people losing hair have thin hair and less hair density. Women especially feel very bad of their inability to produce or make the desired hair styles.
  • 3. Person feels dissatisfied with appearance: as hair loss leads to complete change in one’s hairline. If in young age, hair fall begins i.e. in early 20’s then a person looses one’s self-esteem and gets under-confident.
  • 4. Person feels embarrassed and shy: the emotional impact of baldness leads to lowering self-confidence of a person and person may have problems in dealing with people and thus person usually try to adapt solitude and ultimately cuts off the social circle professionally and personally as well.

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