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    Where can I get the best hair transplant?

    ASG Hair Transplant centre is a prominent hair transplant centre in India that is attracting all sorts of hair loss patients due to its advanced methodologies in extracting and implanting hair to achieve perfect looks and appearances in patients. There is absolutely no doubt for natural results and attractive hair after the procedure.
    Though there are many factors that influence the results of a hair transplant procedure like the;

    • Stage of baldness
    • The density required
    • The type of grafts and so on, the experts at ASG hair transplant centre are talented enough to achieve the best and possible results after the procedure

    Specialties at ASG Hair Transplant Centre

    ASG hair transplant experts conduct both FUT and FUE hair transplant procedures. Our patients include men and women with different types of alopecia. We use modern practices at our hair transplant centre to diagnose, treat, and conduct hair transplant surgeries.
    We introduce you to the latest practices that require no shaving yet produce the best natural results. Our team of experts is fully ready to help you eliminate that bald and at the end live life confidently

    Where to find ASG Hair Transplant Centre

    ASG hair transplant centre can be found in Jalandhar and Ludhiana. In case you are situated in Jalandhar, you can find ASG hair transplant centre at 422-A, Mota Singh Nagar, Cool Road, Jalandhar- 144001, Punjab, Ph. +9176969-07777, whereas our dear patients in Ludhiana can find us at 69-A, Shastri Nagar, Model Town, Ludhiana Punjab, Ph. +91-98552-91505.
    To know more about us, our website is asghairtransplant.com. You can call us or get an instant online consultation about your hair loss.

    What is the best hair transplant in India?

    FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is believed to be the best hair transplant in India. The procedure is known for giving undetectable and as well as natural results as compared to its counterpart
    The FUE is able to produce a good density if performed with artistry and great aesthetic skills
    The Follicular Unit Extraction technique is a modern procedure of restoring hair in the bald region. Though not every hair loss can be combated with a hair transplant, FUE provides greater chances for patients to recover their hair with the help of this technique.
    During the consultation, the surgeon is able to detect the number of hair follicles needed, plus examining the extent of hair loss. The scalp anatomy, laxity and the patient’s history are discussed during consultation.

    Which hair transplant technique/method/procedure is better?

    Hair transplant procedures are surgeries performed by removing hair from one region of the scalp to another. With the FUT, the surgeon uses a surgical blade to extract the hair follicles in the form of a strip. The follicular units are in the naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs. The wound is sutured and the strip is then dissected under a microscope to achieve individual hair follicles that are implanted in the small incisions made in the recipient region.
    With the FUE, hair follicles are extracted individually from the donor area. Small incisions are then made in the recipient region where they are implanted carefully to produce natural results

    With that, the procedure of FUE appears to be more favourable since it produces no wound and leaves only dot like scars that are less visible. One can go undetected for having performed a hair transplant and that makes FUE totally excellent for patients

    What is the right time to use Shampoo after hair transplant ?

    It must be noted that every hair transplant clinic has its own postoperative instructions and above all detailed to a patient depending on his or her scalp anatomy and transplanted situation after the surgery. Therefore, pay attention to the surgeon for your own benefit.

    Normally, shampooing the scalp is not recommended after the hair transplant until the 3rd or 4th day. On day 1, and 2, one can use a cup to pour clean water gently into the transplanted region, but no shampoo must be used.

    On the 4th day, you are free to use baby shampoo either mixed in a dish of water or smear it and massage gently on the scalp. In case you are using a shower, make sure that there is no pressure to hit the transplanted region.
    Proper use of shampoo will prevent dryness, scabbing, and reduce itching

    What makes one a good Candidate for a hair transplant ?

    Though hair transplant is a permanent solution for baldness and hair loss, one must seek an expert’s intervention to know his or her candidacy. First and foremost, one age can eliminate one from getting a hair transplant until above 23. This is because there are greater chances that the transplanted hair will fall out.
    Before a hair transplant, the surgeon must determine the eventual pattern hair loss and it is difficult in young people.

    Also the right candidate must have adequate and also a stable donor area to get a hair transplant. In case the donor area is limited, the surgeon will not be able to create natural results

    Those with obvious hair loss (baldness) are the right candidates for a hair transplant because it is the best option for hair restoration

    What are the Hair transplant Recommendations that you must know ?

    There are quite numerous hair transplant clinics in India and abroad that hair loss patients would love to visit, but it is very vital to know the surgeon and the type of hair transplant centre one wishes to have a hair transplant procedure from.

    I would recommend ASG hair transplant centre for the various hair transplant techniques that patients wish to get. The team of experts at the centre is well trained and experienced to help patients achieve natural results.
    The experts at ASG treat patients with compassion and are generally dedicated to their work.
    Artistry is well utilized to design the patient’s hairline and obtain the best natural results.
    For those who desire quality results after the hair transplant procedure, ASG is the top recommendation for you

    When does hair start to grow after a hair transplant?

    A hair transplant is a surgical method of restoring lost hair, specifically in the bald region. The implanted hair usually falls out after 2 or 3 weeks and for that matter, don’t be deceived that you will witness hair as soon as possible. The guarantee is- new hair growth, which is permanent and continuously grows with time

    Specifically, it will take you 8 to 12 months to witness a fuller head.
    In the initial months (4 to 6), there will be a slight recovery of hair and with subsequent months, hair will fill the entire bald region.
    Due to the fact that each individual has his or her own hair anatomy, you will take either more time or less time to achieve a fuller head.
    Try to view the pictures of former patients at the hair transplant centre to get an idea of the hair growth

    Why no Alcohol before a hair transplant?

    Though alcohol may not present huge risks during or after the hair transplant surgery like smoking, non of them are recommended by hair transplant surgeons. What is the reason behind?

    In normal life, consumption of alcohol hikes one’s moods and if taken in excess, one may lose his consciousness. Therefore, to be on a safer side, try to stay away from alcohol a day or two to your surgery

    Individuals respond differently to alcohol, and in some, it may increase the rate of bleeding during or after the surgery.

    Some surgeons forbid their patients from taking alcohol due to the fact that it can reduce the effect of anesthesia or cause complications like coma during the surgery

    Since hair transplant is a surgery and performed to correct the effects of hair loss, try to prepare in advance for it by taking it seriously. You never know what may come out of the surgery, but staying away from alcohol, smoking, and certain drugs, can render your surgery safe and high yielding

    Why no exercises are recommended after the hair transplant surgery?

    Taking proper postoperative care and treatment is very essential when it comes to hair transplant surgeries. Therefore, an immediate return to exercises may increase the rate of bleeding, soreness, swelling due to the pressure that may be exerted on the wound (strip), or the incision area. Therefore, take more days as you can before returning to any kind of exercises even gyming.
    Returning to work or exercises mostly depends on the type of hair transplant technique undergone.
    With the FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction), 2 weeks are enough to get back to exercising, whereas with the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), one should take approximately 3 weeks or until the wound properly heals.
    The major aim of foregoing the exercises after the hair transplant surgeries is to prevent any possible injury to the transplanted region which may result in bleeding and complications
    Since the postoperative care and treatment depends on a patient, try to follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding exercises and workout

    Why swelling after a hair transplant?

    Swelling is a common side effect of hair transplant procedures. The rate of swelling differs in patients since some may witness minimal swelling whereas others increased or persistent swelling.
    Swelling can occur in a few days after the surgery in different areas which include; the forehead, transplanted region, near the eyelids or in the temple and it will disappera with time
    Using ice packs, anti-inflammatory drugs, and post operative regiment to prevent swelling are recommended
    Swelling normally disappears after a week and if it persists, try to talk to your surgeon for better solutions.

    In addition, try to take enough rest and keep or sleep your head elevated on several comfortable pillows. Avoid engaging in physical exercises, or stressful events since they can worsen the swelling

    Avoid taking alcohol, smoking or gyming in case you are facing persistent swelling

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