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Hair Transplant & its related concerns

The modern world presents new techniques just like hair transplant procedures with the major aim of combating baldness. It is a few decades back when modern hair transplant techniques were introduced and they have largely spread across the world. Simple hair loss can be treated with nonsurgical methods, whereas extreme hair loss that has led to the creation of a big patch in the crown region can only be treated with a surgery

Hair loss is witnessed in 85% of humans, though the rate differs. Visible hair loss brings about psychological effects that can lead to stress and loss of interest in social activities. The causes of hair loss today are evidenced to be;


It is the major cause of hair loss in man and women. Early detection and treatment can reduce its effects on an individual.

Hormonal imbalances

Alopecia, female or male pattern hair loss is known to arise due to hormonal imbalances. The increase in Dihydrotestosterone production is the source of problems in males and females. However, other factors like pregnancy, childbirth, and use or stop of birth control pills can lead to hair loss in some women.


Cancer treatments like Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are known to cause hair loss due to the fact that some cells may be damaged in the process. Others include chronic diseases like arthritis.

Medical problems

Mostly, patients with Thyroid gland issues, scalp infections, and skin infections like lichen planus are at a higher risk of battling hair loss.

Acute Stress and Depression

Stress is a critical issue today accompanied by lack of sleep. These two factors are the leading causes of hair loss in young men and women. Other factors include over styling the hair, and strict diets

The major solution to extensive hair loss remains hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant surgery?

It is a clinical procedure where a surgeon extracts hair from one region of the scalp and implants it into the small incisions made in the affected area (bald). It is a modern technique that produces remarkable results in hair loss patients

A hair transplant procedure is performed under anaesthesia and it is painless. It is completely an outpatient surgery

Candidates for a hair transplant procedure

For a hair transplant to deliver the intended results, the baldness has to be mature. That means that you must have visible patches. There are bigger chances that a surgeon will postpone the surgery in case hair loss is in the early stage with no patches.

Also, as a patient, be sure to follow your hair loss before a hair transplant in Arizona is performed


There are mainly two techniques that have led to the innovation of other favorable procedures. FUT & FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

It is regarded as a less invasive technique because there is no much pain felt during the process. FUE is a surgery where a surgeon removes individual hair follicles from the donor area and individually implants them in the recipient region. The procedure takes more time compared to the strip method where grafts are extracted in the strip form.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

It is a traditional method where a surgeon uses a surgical blade to remove a strip from the donor area (sides or back), dissects that strip and then implants the individual hair follicles in the recipient region. The technique is mostly used in case the surgery requires more grafts or a patient has limited funds

The Hair Transplant Procedure

  • The procedure can be performed in a single sitting or two and it is an outpatient procedure. Today, a hair transplant is possible without shaving the scalp.
  • The surgeon will clean the scalp after having sterilized the instruments. He will then administer local anesthesia to a patient to numb the scalp.
  • In the FUE, he will use a specific micropunch to extract individual grafts whereas in the FUT he will use a scalpel to remove the strip of hair from the donor side. The wound will be stitched.
  • With the help of a magnifying lens, the grafts will be dissected and preserved in a saline solution.
  • Small incisions will be made in the recipient region using a needle. Individual hair grafts will be implanted into the small incisions in a way that will produce natural results. A surgeon can implant hundreds of grafts in one or two sittings
  • The wound will be dressed with a bandage (FUT) to protect it and they will be removed after ten days.
  • Some patients require two or even three procedures to achieve a fuller head.

The cost of a hair transplant

This is one of the crucial parts. Just like anywhere else, a hair transplant cost in Arizona perplexes many, especially those with limited funds. The type of technique mostly dictates the amount of money you will have to pay for your procedure. Nevertheless, the clinic and the surgeon must also be considered.

You will have to plan for a hair transplant when you have at least RS.56, 000 in your pockets. To ascertain the exact amount, a consultation with the surgeon will be of great help.

What comes next after a hair transplant?

  • There will be mild pain, especially after an FUE hair transplant in Arizona, but this is short lived. With the FUT hair transplant, moderate pain may be felt due to the wound created.
  • Be sure to take antibiotics as the doctor may prescribe to lower the chances of infections.
  • Itching, minor bleeding and swelling normally appear but last for a four days or a week
  • Sleep with your head elevated on pillows and avoid stress and tension.

Advantages of a hair transplant

Usually, each technique is associated with its own benefits, but we have the major advantages of a hair transplant that are;

Overcoming extreme hair loss and baldness

Back then, a majority had to deal with baldness almost their entire life. That is not the norm today. One can have a hair transplant to restore his hair


In a long run, a hair transplant will save much of your money because it is a good investment

Alternatives for a hair transplant

These mainly work in case one is not entirely affected by baldness. They are nonsurgical treatments like PRP Therapy, Minoxidil, Finasteride, Mesotherapy, or even stem cell therapy. A majority prefer PRP Treatment in Arizona since it is equally effective and involves no surgical tools. It requires no drugs since it is performed by a dermatologist.

Comparing hair transplant costs among countries

Countries like Australia, USA, UAE, Mexico, and Turkey perform hair transplant procedures and the only major difference sets in with the cost. Arizona is popular for its cost-effective medical services and this has set it apart from other countries.

A majority flow in for an FUE hair transplant in Arizona since the cost is way lower compared to countries like Australia, UAE, and USA. A hair transplant will cost you below 600 dollars in Arizona whereas, in other countries taxes, the clinic, treatments and the actual cost of a hair transplant set the cost above 600 dollars.

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