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4 Hair transplant Successful Results

Vinod Jaswal

” Hi guys, I am Vinod Jaswal, a 46 year old boy 🙂 . I just like to share my personal experience of Hair Transplantation which I had recently on 27th Sept 2014.”

1 Hair transplant Successful Results

Rafael Blasini

” Its running 3rd week and scar is pretty much healed. Happy to see hairs started growing around the scar also noticed some hairs growing on the scar line too. Its around 1mm in width scar. Feeling stretched skin at back side, so doc. suggested to massage my head regularly using coconut oil. Transplanted hairs started to fall as in shock loss period and hope they will grow up soon. 🙂 “

2 Hair transplant Successful Results


” Well !!! here are some snaps, Next morning after first head wash was given. Looking into the mirror is not the same again. Feels good when touch my head and newly grafted hairs. :))))))))) “

3 Hair transplant Successful Results

Arun Jha

” Since being younger I was self conscious of the size of my forehead. Later in my adult life I realized I was wrong…its no so much the size of my forehead its just that my temple areas went back way further than where my hairline started on my forehead. “

1 Hair transplant Successful Results


” I have been interested in having a hair transplant for years. Wish I had it done years ago. Even though it has been 4 months since the procedure, I have noticed a difference. It definitely has done wonders for my ego. I can not wait when a year has passed. “

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