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Hair Transplant Surgery Scars: Best Ways to Deal With Them

Any type of surgery has a higher incidence of resulting in a scar tissue. Adhesions may also occur, especially in the case of internal surgeries. Biologically, the body has its own healing mechanism that results in a scar. Scars differ depending on the severity of the wound.

With hair transplant procedures, there is a normal extent of scarring that is expected in every type of hair transplant surgery. With the FUT technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation), a linear scar is expected since a strip of hair is extracted.

With the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), dot-like scars are expected since a needle-like instrument is utilized harvest single follicular units. Either way, the following ways approaches are recommended to reduce the scarring extents in patients.

An experienced Surgeon
There is an assurance that any hair transplant procedure results in scarring, but an experienced surgeon certainly possesses manipulative skills to reduce scarring. Consider our centre for a hair transplant in Patiala for minimal and unnoticeable scarring.

Trichophytic Closure
Since patients’ healing mechanisms differ, some patients may still witness visible scar tissue regardless of the surgeon’s artistry skills utilized. The Trichophytic Closure technique is a minimally invasive surgery that acts as a scar revision.

Proper Post-Operative Care
Accidents, injuries or improper care have a higher incidence of hiking your scarring extent. Consider following the surgeon’s instructions while caring for your scalp.

Scalp Micropigmentation
This technique of scalp tattooing is commonly utilized to camouflage scalp scars, though it is itself a form of hair loss treatment.

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